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Social Selling

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Add commissionable products from leading marketplaces and brands to your Shopple profile.

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Share & Gather Your Audience

Curate and share your unique Shopple URL anywhere, and drive traffic to your Shopple profile.

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Get more value out of your social media

See the use cases of these social media channels. Perfect for the KOLs, Creators and Influencers



Add a Shopple link to your Facebook posts. Easily give accessibility to your product recommendations.



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Use Shopple as your leading Link in Bio. Start building a unique and strong brand presence.

Fashion Trendsetters

Showcase your best outfits and look books to your followers, all while earning money for looking your best! Share outfit recommendations or OOTDs. Use Shopple's features and download the product videos you need for fashion reels on Instagram or TikTok.


Home Enthusiasts

Tried and true household items deserve to be raved about. Shout about a #lifehack and link your followers to your Must-Have item lists. Create trust and influence a new way of living by showing people mini tutorials by uploading your own videos to your page.


Tech Gurus

Be the first to display the newest gadgets. Get sales on even pre-orders! Share the latest tech products in real-time. No more expensive product spend for reviews, with direct downloadable product videos straight from Advertiser sources.


Get access to over 500 leading brands and marketplaces

Curate your profiles and add commissionable products from these top brands



Up to 56% Commission



Up to 19.8% Commission



Up to 4.2% Commission


Firefly Airline

Up to 2.1% Commission



Up to 9.1% Commission



Up to 8.4% Commission

*Commissions are based on Regions and Requirements

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about Shopple

Shopple is a single link that you can use for your link in bio or social selling purpose. Add Shopple into your bio on any social media platform, inside a blog review or even email signature - anywhere you want! Engage, interact and develop a deep connection with your audience by sharing your Shopple links.

Shopple helps you organise all your links in one place. Showcase your portfolio, website, social media or product recommendations. Just add any link into your page. Shopple also enables you to earn from automated commissionable affliate links from over 500 brands and advertisers.

Yes! Shopple is free. Better yet, you can earn with Shopple too!

When your audience buy from the commissionable products that you share, you will be rewarded with commissions. To get paid, simply connect Shopple to Involve account and you will be paid accordingly.

Ofcourse! With your very own customised Shopple URL, you can post your Shopple link in Instagram, Tiktok, Facebook, Youtube or Messengers bios. Shopple is compatible everywhere on the internet. Just share your link!

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